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Pork, Bacon and Free Range Eggs

Available to Order - please specify quantity

We are a small specialist farm not an intensive pig production unit and our pork goes extremely quickly so we encourage ordering as early as possible particularly our half pig boxes.  We usually have fresh sausages, burgers, bacon and a selection of roasting joints and chops/steaks available which can be ordered by phone or through the web site for collection or delivery at a convenient time. We are also open from 10am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays when we look forward to you visiting us. We always have frozen meat and free range eggs available.


We offer free of charge delivery on orders over £100 within a 10 mile radius of Coneyhurst.

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½ pig boxes (20 - 25Kg) - £7.50 per kilo


Sausages - Old English, Country, Honey & Mustard and Chilli & Garlic- £8.90 per kilo

(a pack of 6 sausages costs approximately £4)


Back Bacon - smoked and unsmoked - £13 per kilo
(a pack of 8 rashers costs approvimately £4.00)


Gammon joints - smoked and unsmoked - £13 per kilo


Gammon Steaks - £13 per kilo


Pork Chops - £8.50 per kilo


Belly (slabs or slices) - £7.80 per kilo


Leg (bone-in) - £8.90 per kilo

Leg (bone-out) - £9.90 per kilo

Leg steaks - £9.50 per kilo


Spare Rib joint - £8.90 per kilo


Loin joint (bone-in) - £8.00 per kilo


Tenderloin - £12.50 per kilo


Ribs - £5.75 per kilo


Burgers - Pork & Leek and Chilli & Garlic (pack of 4 - £5)


Gluten-free sausages - Country Herb and Pork & Leek - £9.90 per Kilo


Gluten-free Burgers - Pork & Leek or Chilli & Garlic (£6 per pack of 4)


Free Range Eggs £3.00 /dozen 


Quail Eggs £3.00 / dozen