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Chantry Farm

Sustainable local farming with high standards of animal welfare

Chantry Farm is set in 48 acres of land with beautiful views to the South Downs. In this ideal spot we have established our British Pig Association (BPA) registered pedigree herds of rare breed Berkshire, Mangalitza and Gloucester Old Spot pigs.   We also have a small flock of free range hens.

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In today’s global economy food is sourced from all over the world with an unhealthy emphasis on speedy growth and low costs regardless of the impact on the environment, animal welfare and food quality.


We pride ourselves in rearing our pigs naturally allowing them time to grow  with plenty of room to move and dig! They live outdoors all year round in small family groups, do not have their teeth cut, tails docked, are not neutered nor do they have rings through their noses.


We strive to give our pigs a happy and stress free life.  They are fed a diet free from any additives or growth promoters and are not given any unnecessary medication.   Our pigs are fully traceable, are born and reared here at Chantry Farm and butchered within a few miles of the farm ensuring that food miles are kept to an absolute minimum.   We believe that this results in great tasting pork and bacon.  It also helps the survival of these wonderful traditional breeds.