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History of the Mangalitza



One of our most spectacular Rare Breed pigs, the 'Lincolnshire Curly Coat', sadly became extinct in 1972 just one year before the formation of the 'RARE BREEDS SURVIVAL TRUST' (RBST). This was a pig famous for its hardiness as well as its wonderful curly coat and became a very popular breed in Hungary and Austria where the demand for hardy stock capable of surviving the harsh winters was extremely high.

In the early 1900's we exported many 'Lincolnshire Curly Coats' to Hungary and during the 1920's they won many of the top awards at the Budapest show and acquired the coveted 'Gold medal' in 1925. The Hungarians used the 'Lincolnshire Curly Coat' to cross with their 'Mangalitza' (A very similar curly coated pig) and the resultant cross was nicknamed the 'Lincolista'.

Numbers were very low in both Hungary and Austria.

In 2006 enough unrelated good breeding stock (3 boars and 14 gilts) from both Hungary and Austria to establish all three Mangalitza breed lines in the UK (The 'Blonde', 'Swallow Bellied' and the 'Red') were acquired. This was done with the support of the British Pig Association (BPA) who agreed to started a new 'Mangalitza' herd book.