Premium Free Range Pork                                                                                                    

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Rare Breed Berkshire, Mangalitza and Gloucestershire Old Spots

Taste the Difference

Our Chantry herds of pedigree BPA registered Berkshire, Mangalitza and Gloucester Old Spot pigs are born and reared outdoors on our farm in West Sussex.

They enjoy the highest standards of animal welfare, fresh air, freedom and an additive free diet which includes fresh fruit and vegetables.

Kept outdoors they are allowed to grow at a natural pace maturing much slower than intensively farmed pigs (whose movement is restricted and whose diet is enhanced with growth promoters). This produces succulent, tender and juicy pork with amazing flavour and crackling.

Traditional rare breed pigs were bred for outdoor life and have a higher fat content than much of the modern meat available. This fat greatly enhances the flavour and succulence of the pork. We are always being told that fat is bad for us but interestingly Jimmy Doherty states in his book A Taste of the Country "Farmers in Italy found that the fat from Mangalitza pigs allowed to mature naturally in free range systems changes in its properties. As the pigs develop the fat alters from saturated to unsaturated, so from a naturally reared slow growing pig you are not only getting fantastic tasting pork, but it is also healthier to eat."

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